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Vehicle freight

Vehicle freight


When you hand over your vehicle, you simply give us the car documents and the name of the consignee and we take care of the rest. Then we give you a copy of the car's documents as well as all the information concerning the departure and the arrival of the vehicle.

We will arrange for your vehicle to be cleared and, if applicable, provide your supplier with proof of export to justify the duty-free sale.


We have a closed and secured area of 480 m2. When delivering your vehicle, you can keep it on the spot before sending it to the port, so that you can load your vehicle or secure it to avoid any risk of theft at its destination.


When sending a vehicle, we are responsible for sending the necessary documents (maritime bill of lading + original document to the car) from the vehicle to destination.

We provide all the necessary and specific documents to the destination and then send them by DHL to our agents on the ground where the recipient will collect these documents. It is also possible, with an extra payment, to send the documents by DHL directly to the recipient.

Documents to be submitted for the shipping of a vehicle to Africa
  • Certificate of export

  • Statement of value

  • Packing list

  • Certificate of assignment (if any)

  • Invoice (if any)

  • Insurance

    The International Maritime Department emphasizes on the fact that each cargo transported is at the owner's own risk.

    For this reason we can offer you an insurance system that covers the total loss of the car and mechanical parts of the vehicle.

    This insurance policy, which will be calculated on the basis of the insured amount and the vehicle's brand will cover the damage caused during the transportation and will end at the time of the vehicle's delivery to destination.

    When sending the maritime bill of lading to our agents, we will enclose an insurance policy on which you will find all necessary information.

    We remind you that the price of the insurance policy doesn't ensure more safety for the vehicle

    Customs Clearance

    We also carry out the clearance of your vehicle in some countries. Kindly contact us for more info.


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